Bedeutung Tattoo John Wick

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Bedeutung Tattoo John Wick. Apparently the largest tattoo on his body was that of praying hands right smack in the middle of his back. Inked parabellum johnwick tattoo.

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Johns tattoo reads fortis fortuna. Der Charakter John Wick des gleichnamigen Films trägt die Variation Fortis fortuna adiuvat als Tattoo auf dem Rücken. What do John Wicks tattoos mean.

This could be a nod to Keanu Reeves Native Hawaiian heritage and may also indicate John Wick.

From what Ive read John wicks tattoos are a mixture of US forces culture and the clan like society of the Russian mob. Die TOP Modelle verglichen Latin Action Movies 9 size Soft Praying Hand Tattoo. The tattoo says Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat across the top of his back with praying hands under the Latin writing. What John Wicks Tattoos Really Mean.